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15 nityas of srividya
May 1st, 2016 by jinesh narayanan

Sri Chakra worship is one of the most guarded secrets of tantra and the Sri Yantra is the most guarder Yantra.


Nairutaicha Ganeshanaam Sooryam Vayuvya eevacha

Eeshane Vishnu Agneye Shivamchaiva prapoojayet

When you sit facing the east and with the tip of the top triangle pointing at you, at the bottom right hand side corner of the Shreechakra is guarded by Lord Ganesha. The bottom left hand side corner is guarded by Lord Surya. The top left side corner is guarded by Lord Vishnu and the top right corner of the Shreechakra is guarded by Lord Shiva. They must be worshipped before starting the Pooja of the Nava-Avaranas.

After that the eight primordial directions are guarded by the eight Lokapalas. Indra guards the East, Agni guards the South East, Yama guards the South, Nirriti guards the South West, Varuna guards the West, Vayu guards the North East, Soma guards the North and Ishana guards the North East.

As if this is not enough, each of the first eight Avaranas are guarded by eight Bhairavas and eight Bhairavis! What is more these 64 pairs of Bhairavas & Bhairavis are assisted by 10 million yoginis each – total 640 million (64 crores). This is what the verse in Lalita Sahasranama says –“Maha chatu-shshashti-koti yogini ganasevita ..”

Yes. Reaching Her is a bit difficult!

The nine avaranas as per Mantra Mahodadhi srichakra3lines (1)


The 3 lines of the 1st Avarana & the position of the various deities

The outermost 3 lines known as Bhupura form the first Avarana of the Sri Yantra. This is known as the Trilokya Mohana Chakra and the worshiper knowing its inner secrets can mesmerise the 3 worlds. It is ruled by a Yogini Devi called Prakata Yogini. The Deity of this is Tripura. The beeja of this Avarana is Am Aam Sauh. The gem is topaz. The time is 24 minutes (360 breaths).The mudra to be shown is Kshobha Mudra.

The 1st line: The Outer line (of the 3 lines) has 10 Devis known as Siddhi Devis. Their luster is like that of molten gold, they hold the goad in their right hands and the noose in their left hands. They are very auspicious and bestow heaps of gems and jewels to the worshiper. They are placed as shown in the above picture. They are:

O1-Anima Sidhyamba O2-Laghima Sidhyamba O3-Mahima Sidhyamba

O4-Ishvita Sidhyamba O5-Vasitva Sidhyamba O6-Prakamya Sidhyamba O7-Bhukti Sidhyamba O8-Ichha Sidhyamba O9Prapti Sidhyamba 10-Sarvakama Sidhyamba

The 2nd line: The 2nd or Middle line has eight Matruka Devis. They are bedecked in all ornaments. They hold in their hands Vidya (book), Trident, Shakti, Chakra (Discus), Club, Thunderbolt, Baton & Lotus. They bestow to the worshiper everything desired.

M1-Shree Brahmi Matruka M2-Shree Maheswari Matruka M3-Shree Koumari Matruka M4-Shree Vishnavi Matruka M5-Shree Varahi Matruka M6-Shree Mahendri Matruka M7-Shree Chamunda Matruka M8-Shree Mahalakshmi Matruka

The 3rd line: The innermost third line has 10 Mudra Shaktis. They are of red hue and rule the various mudras and bestow spiritual boons to the worshiper.

1-Sarvasankshobhini Devi 2-Sarvavidravini Devi 3-Sarvakarshini Devi 4-Sarvavashankari Devi 5-Sarvonmadini Devi 6-Sarvamahankusha Devi 7-Sarvakhechari Devi 8-Sarvabeeja Devi 9-Sarvayoni Devi 10-Sarvatrikhanda Devi


The Nava Avaranas (Nine Corridors) of the Sri Yantra srichakra2

The 2nd Avarana: is the 16 petals circle known as Sarvaash Paripooraka Chakra meaning the fulfiller of all desires.

The presiding form of Lalita in this Avarana is Tripureshi. She is ornamented with all gems, carries a book and a rosary. The Yogini residing here is called Gupta Yogini. The 16 Devis of this Avarana are called the Nitya Kalas, also Nitya Devis, also Akarshana Devis and also Gupta Yoginis. They are of red hue and each holds a noose, a goad, pot of nectar and make the sign of giving boons. They rule the 16 Sanskrit vowels from a to ah. By worshiping them one gets power over mind, ego, sound, touch, sight, taste, smell, intellect, steadiness, memory, name, growth, etheric body, rejuvenation, and physical body.

The 16 Yoginis represent the 16 vowels of Sanskrit language, and are worshipped with the 16 vowels as their beeja mantras.

The gem of this Avarana is sapphire. The dhatu is chyle (the first product of the disintegration of food by the biological fires). The time is three hours (2700 breaths). The beeja mantra is Aim Klim Sauh.

The Mudra of this Avarana is the Dravini Mudra.

The 16 Devis in sequence are:

#      Devi’s name

  1. Kamakarshini shakti 2. Budhyakarshini shakti 3.   Ahankarakarshini shakti 4.   Shabdakarshini shakti 5.   Sparshakarshini shakti 6.   Rupakarshini shakti 7.   Rasakarshini shakti  8.   Gandhakarshini shakti 9.   Chittakarshini shakti
  2. Dhyryakarshini shakti 11. Smrutyakarshini shakti 12. Namakarshini shakti 13. Beejakarshini shakti 14. Atmakarshini shakti 15. Amrutakarshini shakti 16. Sharirakarshini shakti

The 3rd Avarana: is the 8 petal circle known as Sarva Sankshobhana Chakra. The preciding form of Lalita in this Avarana is Tripura Sundari. The Yogini is Guptatara Yogini. She is swaying in a love intoxicated state, with her eyes full of bliss. She smiles with passion and shows the mudras dispelling fears and granting boons.

The eight Devis in each of the eight petals have the colour of Bandhuka flowers. They are holding noose, goad, blue lotus and are dispelling fear. They represent Speech, Holding, Walking, Excreting, Pleasure, Abandoning, Concentration and Detachment. They have the eight Ka class letters as their beejas.

The beeja mantra of this Avarana is Hrim Klim Sauh. The gem is cat’s eye. The dhatu is Flesh. The time is day and night (21600 breaths).

The mudra of this Avarana is Aakarshana Mudra.

The 8 Devis in sequence are:

#     Devi’s name

  1. Ananga Kusuma shakti 2. Ananga Mekhala shakti 3. Ananga Madana shakti 4. Ananga Madanatura shakti 5. Ananga Rekha shakti 6. Ananga Vegini shakti 7. Anangankusha shakti 8. Ananga Malini shakti


Picture showing the position of the Devis of 4th to 8th avaranadownload (2)

The 4th Avarana: This Avarana of 14 triangles (Outer blue triangles in picture) represents the 14 worlds and the 14 main Nadis in the human body. It is called Sarva Soubhagya Dayak Chakra. The presiding form of the devi is Tripura Vasini. She is red and very beautiful. Fourteen Devis of the triangles are described as being proud, wanton, young, colour of cochineal, ornamented with gems, holding noose, goad, mirror, wine cup full of nectar. They are called Sampradaya Yoginis.

The beeja mantra of this Avarana is Haim Hklim Hsauh. The gem is coral. The dhatu is blood. The time is weekday.

The mudra of this Avarana is Vasya Mudra.

The 14 Devis are

#   Devi’s Name

1.Sarvasmkshobhini devi

2.Sarvavidravini devi

3.Sarvakarshini devi

4.Sarvaahladini devi

5.Sarvasammohini devi

6.Sarvasthambhini devi

7.Sarvajrumbhini devi

8.Sarvavashankari devi

9.Sarvaranjani devi

10.Sarvonmadini devi

11.Sarvarthasadhika devi

12.Sarvasampattipurani devi

13.Sarvamantramayi devi

14.Sarvadwandwakshayankari devi

The 5th Avarana: This Avarana of 10 triangles ( red triangles in the picture) is called Sarvarth Sadhaka Chakra. It is own as Bahirdasaram. The presiding aspect of Lalita is Tripurasri. She holds noose goad, a skull and dispels fear. She is of vermilion brightness. The Yoginis are called Kulotteerna Yoginis and also Kula Yoginis. They have the lusture of Japakusuma flowers and are adorned with shining gems and jwels. They are holding noose and goads and showing the gestures of knowledge, and giving boons. They represent the dasavataras and the 10 Vital Fires.

The beeja of this Avarana is Hsshoum, Hleesskhloum, Hssouh. The gem is pearl. The dhatu is Ova/Semen. The time is Lunar Day (tithi). The Mudra of this Avarana is Unmada Mudra.

The 10 Devis are:

#   Devi’s Name

1.Sarva Siddhiprada devi 2.Sarvasampatprada devi 3.Sarvapriyankari devi 4.Sarvamangalakarini devi 5.Sarvakamaprada devi 6.Sarvadukhavimochini devi 7.Sarvamrityuprasamani devi 8.Sarvavighnanivarini devi 9.Sarvangasundari devi 10.Sarvasoubhagyadayini devi

The 6th Avarana: This inner 10 triangle chakra (shown in red in the picture) is called Sarva Rakshakara Chakra and also as Antardasardam. The presiding aspect of Lalita is Tripura Malini. She holds noose and goad, dispels fear, and holds a skull. She is of vermilion brightness. The Yoginis are called Nigarbha Yoginis. They are the colour of 1000 rising suns, adorned with pearls and gems, holding noose, chisel, and showing the gestures of knowledge, and giving boons. They are the saktis of the 10 Vital Fires.

The beeja of this Avarana is Hrim Klim Blem. The gem is emerald. The dhatu is Marrow. The time is Lunar Fortnight.

The Mudra of the Avarana is Mahankusha Mudra.

The 10 Devis are:

#   Devi’s Name

1.Sarvagya devi

2.Sarvashakti devi

3.Sarvaswaryapradayini devi

4.Sarvagyanamayi devi

5.Sarvavyadhinivarini devi

6.Sarvadharaswarupa devi

7.Sarvapapahara devi

8.Sarvanandamayi devi

9.Sarvarakshaswarupini devi

10.Sarvepsitaphalaprada devi

The 7th Avarana: This inner 8 triangle chakra (shown in Green in the picture) is called Sarva Rogahara Chakra. The preciding Devi is Tripura Siddhamba. She is described as the Destroyer of Poison. The Yogini is called Ati Rahasya Yogini. The Yoginis are the colour of pomegranate flowers, wearing red clothes, smeared with red scent, each carrying five arrows and a bow. These Devis are the rulers of Cold, Heat, Happiness, Sorrow, Desire, and the three gunas Sattvas, Rajas, Tamas. They are also called the eight Vasinis and rule the eight Sanskrit letter groups. They also represent the Astha Vasus.

The beeja is Hreem, Shreem, Souh. The gem is diamond. The time is month.

The Mudra is Khecari Mudra.

The 8 Devis are:

#   Devi’s Name

1.Vasini Vagdevi 2.Kameswari Vagdevi 3.Modini Vagdevi 4.Kamala Vagdevi 5.Aruna Vagdevi 6.Jayini Vagdevi 7.Sarveswari Vagdevi 8.Koushini Vagdevi

The 8th Avarana: This inner 8 triangle chakra (shown in green in the picture) is called Sarva Siddhiprada Chakra. The presiding Devi is Tripuramba. The Yogini here is AtiRahasya Yogini.  Her Beejamantra is Hsraim Hsrklim Hsrsauh.

She is also known as Sampatprada Bhairavi. She has coppery effulgent, like a 1000 suns, with three eyes, a face like the moon, adorned with white gems, with a beautiful figure, rising swelling breasts, intoxicated, wanton, young, proud, holding book, dispelling fear, holding a rosary and granting boons.

The 3 Devis here are:




Kameshvari is the Rudra Shakti – Parvati. She is white in colour, besmeared with camphor, adorned with pearls and crystal, and various other gems, holding book, rosary, bestowing boons and dispelling fear.

Vajreshi is the Vishnu Shakti – Lakshmi. She is bright as red kumkuma, adorned with flowers and gems, like the dawn sun. Her eyelids are smeared with sapphire dust, she holds sugarcane how, flowery arrows, bestows boons, dispels fear.

Bhagamalini is the Brahma Shakti – Saraswati. She is effulgent as molten gold, adorned with priceless gems, holds noose, goad, and shows the gestures of knowledge and bestowing boons.

The beeja is Hsraim Hsrklim Hsrsauh. The gem of the mandala is Gomaya. The dhatu is Fat. The time is season (two months). The Mudra is the Bija Mudra.

The 9th Avarana: This Avarana is the Bindu – the Cosmic Union of Shiva & Shakti as Kameswari & Kameswara. It is called Sarvanandamaya Chakra. The Yogini is the Queen of Queens, Rajarajeshvari, Her Transcendent Majesty Lalita Maheshvari Mahatripurasundari.The beeja is ka e i la hrim. The gem is ruby. The dhatu is hair. The time is year. The mudra of this Avarana is Yoni Mudra(My personal  opinion, every yanthra worship &all sadhana should be done under the personal direction of a guru or a spiritual mentor,lots of sadakas doing sreechakra pooja  diffrent way of system under  diffrent masters you can chance to confuse.without mistake  you follow your traditional way or your gurus opinion)cropped-12509425_971856542878293_6650706302288914270_n.jpgJinesh.narayanan

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Mantra For Prosperity.


“Aayur dehee Dhanam Dehee Vidyaam dehee Maheshwari Samastamakhilam dehee dehee mey Parameshwari”   


Give me long life Give me wealth, Give me knowledge, O Maheshwari (Mother Goddess)         O Parmeshwari, Give me everything that I desire

This is a mantra of Maheshwari. Maheshwari is the consort of Maheshwara, another name for Siva. It is said that Siva always grants the boons of those that pray to him or his consort.( daily chant-1008 times or min:108 times)12767434_993965894000691_1245160780_n

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 ( Swayamvaraparvathi mantra being provided by great Sage Durvasa and recited by PARVATHI to marry SHIVA. That is why it is called Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra).                                                                                                                                                                     manthra                                                                                                                                         “Om Hreem Yogini Yogini Yogeswari  yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara
Jangamasya Mukha Hrudayam Mama Vasam Akarsha Akarshaya Swaha:”
Chanda nyasam: brahma rishi, athi jagathi chanda   , swayamvara parvathi devatha.                                                                                                                                                ”              Benefit of the Swayamvara Parvathi Moola Mantra Japa  & swayamvara parvathi yanthra  ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Delay in marriage :  Swayamvara Parvathi is the most powerful mantra in removing all known & unknown obstacle in marriages and help to marry quickly.                                              Happy Married Life : You must try this Swayamvara Parvathi mantra if there is quarrel between husband and wife. Swayamvaraparvathi Mantra will help in improving positive vibration and helps in increasing love between couples.                                                            Avoid Divorce: By matching the wavelength and improving the understanding between, Swayamvaraparvathi mantra help in avoiding split between the couple (divorce).                       first wearing swayamvara paravathi yanthra &  do the japa 1008 times a day for 108 days with a request to remove the problems and help you to marry early/ conceive or improve understanding. (as the case may be)                                                                        pooja and homa:For those who are not able to do the japa themselves,  we are doing it on behalf of them. “We are putting the best and the maximum possible effort by a human by reciting One 100000  for those who really needs help with respect to marriage/matrimony problems/misunderstanding/avoid divorce.                                                                                                         12735806_993966207333993_1941343210_n                                                                                                                                                             12767434_993965894000691_1245160780_n                                                                                                                                  ( mantra worship &all sadhana should be done under the personal direction of a guru or a spiritual mentor)

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Mantra to be chanted before you begin your studies:


Saraswati namastubhyam Varde Kaamarupini Vidyarambham karishyami Siddhir bhavatu me sadaa


My humble prostrations unto Thee, O Goddess Saraswati, You are the fulfiller of all my wishes, I start my studies, with the request that I achieve perfection in them.12767434_993965894000691_1245160780_n

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Puzhavathu_Sree_SanthanaGopala_Murthy (1)
April 3rd, 2016 by jinesh narayanan

 Mantra for Conceiving a Child

sandana gopala Mantra:                                                                                                             (This mantra may be recited for getting a son, or for childless couples, who want a child}.

  Ohm Klim Devaki-sut Govinda Vasudeva Jagatpate Dehi me tanayam Krishna Tvaamaham sharanam gataha .                                                        chandha nyasa:Naratha rishi, anustupp chandha, sandana gopala moorthi devatha,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Meaning:

ohm(pranavam) klim(kama bija) O Son of Devaki and Vasudeva, the Lord of the Universe O Krishna! give me a son; I take refuge in you                                                                                                                                                        every mantra worship &all sadhana should be done under the personal direction of a guru or a spiritual mentor”12735806_993966207333993_1941343210_n

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