Kundalini – the inner nature


We practise kundalini yoga, not to awaken the kundalini, but to manage the symptoms which come after the awakening. Awakening the kundalini is not difficult. There are many ways to awaken the kundalini, but we are unable to retain that state. Yoga has stated very clearly that we can awaken kundalini through sadhana. It can also be raised through herbs which alter the physiological, pranic and emotional structures of the personality, and make one very sensitive to experiencing an altered state of consciousness.

Through sadhana we can raise our kundalini from one chakra to another, but it has a devastating effect on our personality and we cannot manage it. We get frightened when a tingling sensation begins to move in our body or when a vision comes to our mind. We need faith and self-control, balance, sanyam. Therefore, kundalini yoga, apart from teaching how to awaken kundalini, also must teach how to manage the states we experience due to kundalini arousal.

In yoga we do not only aim at awakening something inside and having a fantastic transcendental experience. If we think of yoga in these terms, then we have to change our attitude. There is a learning process which is deeper than the techniques we may perform. The learning process is becoming tuned to our real nature. This is not the instinctive, manifest nature, but the inner nature which governs our life process. Therefore, to evolve we combine the whole spectrum of yoga practices with the tantric precepts of awareness, meditation and acceptance(references & notes:Tantra and Yoga in Everyday Life,Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati)

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