amaya yoga-human body and kundalini


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has been one of the potent powers for spiritual regeneration. When practised by unenlightened and unqualified persons, it has led to certain abuse. One example of a travesty of the original practices is the theory of the five makaras: madya or wine, mamsa or flesh, matsya or fish, mudra or symbolical acts, and maithuna or coition. Their esoteric meaning is: “Kill egoism, control flesh, drink the wine of God-intoxication, and have union with Lord Shiva.”

Tantra yoga expands in great detail on the knowledge concerning tattwa (truth or Brahman) and mantra (mystic syllables). It saves (trayate). Hence it is called tantra, expansion and liberation.

The Tantra yoga are not books of sorcery, witchcraft, magic spells and mysterious formulae. They are wonderful scriptures. Everyone without the distinctions of caste, creed, or colour may draw inspiration from them and attain spiritual strength, wisdom and eternal bliss. Mahanirvana,vijanabairava ,dasa mahavidhya Thantram,saradathilkam, Sreethattva Chindamani,and Kularnava Tantras are the important books in Tantra Shastra. Yoga Kundalini Upanishad from Krishna Yajurveda, Jabala Darshana, Trisikha Brahmana and Varaha Upanishad, are useful for obtaining knowledge of kundalini shakti and the methods to awaken it and take it to sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head.

Tantra is in some aspects a secret doctrine. You cannot learn it by studying books. You will have to obtain the knowledge and practice from the practical tantrics, tantric acharyas and gurus who hold the key to it. A tantric student must be endowed with purity, faith, devotion, dedication to guru, dispassion, humility, courage, cosmic love, truthfulness, non-covetousness and contentment.

Shakti Tantra proclaims that paramatma, the supreme soul, and jivatma, the individual soul, are one.     12735806_993966207333993_1941343210_n

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