amaya yoga:-we have 3 body and 5 koshas


1,Gross Body (Sthula Sharira) Gross body is physical body that is made up of the   Panchmahabhutas – the five primordial elements, Gross body needs gross food, drink and air which it gets from Annamaya and Pranamaya Kosha. At death the physical body perishes and its five constituent elements are dissolved.                                                                              2,Subtle Body or Astral Body (Linga Sharira/sukshma sarira)Subtle or astral body (Linga Sharira) is where lives mind and intellect. Manomaya and Gyanamaya Kosh and part of pranamaya kosha resides in Astral or Subtle body. Linga Sharira contains pranamaya kosha, movement of the pranic force directing our physical and mental activities. This movement happens through 72000 nadis or channels, conductors of energy which are controlled by the 108 chakras.                                                                                                                                 3,Causal body (Karana Sharira) , Anandmaya Kosh resides in Causal body (Karana Sharira). Causal body needs bliss or peace which it gets from Anandmaya Kosh. Karana Sharira or Causal body is the map template which is the sole cause for the gross and subtle bodies in the future birth of the soul that is not liberated or detached from the causal body. Karana Sharira controls the formation and growth of the other two bodies, and determine every aspect of the next birth.

Karana Sharira is the doorway to the higher consciousness. It is associated with the state of dreamless sleep and samadhi. It links individual consciousness with the collective consciousness. Experiences (samskaras) from our past lives are stored in the causal body, it carries the information and knowledge acquired during the previous births. The attachment of Maya and intense desires for the worldly objects and pleasures, called “vasanas” also go along with KaranaSharira.     

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