Kali sahasranamavali

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Kali  sahasranamavali(with litaral meaning)


1] Smasanakalika : She who is the Remover of Darkness from the
Cremation Grounds or from Death
2] Kali: She who is the Remover of Darkness.
3] Bhadrakali : She who is the Excellent Remover of Darkness.
4] Kapalini : She who is the Bearer of the Skulls of Impurity
5] Guhyakali : She who is the Hidden or Secretive Remover of Darkness.
6] MahaKali : She who is the Great Remover of Darkness.
7] Kurukullavirodhini : She who confronts the Forces of Duality.
8] Kalika : She who is the cause of Removing darkness
9] Kalaratrisca : She who is the Dark Night of Egotism
10] Mahakalanitambini : She who is the Eternal Mother of Great Time.
11] Kalabhairavabharya ca : She who is the Wife of the Fearfulness of
Infinite Time
12] Kulavartmaprakasini : She who illuminates the whole world family
13] Kamada : She who is the giver of All Desire
14] Kamini : She who is the giver of This Desire
15] Kamya : She who is desired
16] Kamaniyasvabhavini : She who is the Intrinsic Nature of that
which is desired.
17] Kasturirasaliptangi : She whose Limbs are Anointed with the Juice
of Musk
18] Kunjaresvaragamini : She who Moves like, the Lord of Elephants
19] Kakaravarnasarvangi : She who is All the Limbs of the
Letter “ka”, the cause
20] Kamini : She who is This Desire
21] Kamasundari : She who si Beautiful Desire
22] Kamarta : She who is the Object of Desire
23] Kamarupa ca : She who is the Form of Desire
24] Kamadhenuh : She who is the cow which fulfills all desires
25] Kalavati : She who is the Respository of All Qualities or Arts
26] Kanta : She who is Beauty Enhanced by love
27] Kamasvarupa ca : She who is the Instrinsic form of desire
28] Kamakhya : She whose name is Desire
29] Kulapalini : She who protects Excellence
30] Kulina : She who is excellence
31] Kulavatyamba : She who is the Repository of Excellence
32] Durga : She who is the Reliever of Difficulties
33] Durgartinasini : She who is the destroyer of All various
34] Kumari : She who is ever pure
35] Kulaja : She who gives birth to excellence
36] Krsna : She who manifests all action
37] Krsnadeha : She who had a dark body
38] Krsodara : She who holds aloft all action
39] Krsamgi : She who embodies all actions
40] Kulisamgi ca : She who is the embodiment of Excellence
41] Krimkari : She who causes dissolution of the subtle body in to
the causal body.
42] Kamala : She who is lotus ( laksmi )
43] Kala : She who is art or all attributes
44] Karalasya : She who has a gaping mouth
45] Karali ca : She who dissolves all into her being
46] Kulakanta-parajita : She whose excellent beauty is undefeated
47] Ugra : She who is terrible
48] Ugraprabha : She whose light is Terrible
49] Dipta : She who is light
50] Vipracitta : She whose objects of consciousness are varied
51] Mahanana : She Who has a Great face
52] Nilaghana : She Who has the Complexion of a Dark Cloud
53] Valaka ca : She Who Exemplifies the Freedom of a Swan
54] Matra : She Who is Verse
55] Mudramitasita : She Whose positions of Her Limbs are Extremely
56] Brahmi : She Who is Creative Energy
57] Narayani : She Who is the Exposer of Consciousness
58] Bhadra : She Who is Excellent
59] Subhadra : She Who is the Excellent of Excellence
60] Bhaktavatsala : She Who Nourishes All Devotees
61] Mahesvari ca : She Who is the Great Seer of All
62] Camunda : She Who Moves in the Paradigm of Consciousness
63] Varahi : She Who is the Boar of Sacrifice
64] Narasimhika : She Who is the Ferocious Half Human Half lion of
65] Vajrangi : She Who has limbs of Lightening
66] Vajrakankali : She Whose head Shines like lightening
67] Nrmundasragvini : She Who is Adorned by a Garland.
68] Siva : She Who is the Energy of the Consciousness of Infinite
69] Malini : She Who wears a Garland of Skulls
70] Naramundali : She Who holds the Head of a Man
71] Galatrudhirabhusana : From the Garland of Skulls around Her Neck
Fall Drops of Blood
72] Ratkacandanasiktangi : She whose Limbs are covered by red
73] Sindurarunamastaka : She whose Forehead is Marked with the
Vermillion of Love which Brings the Light of Wisdom
74] Ghorarupa : She Who is of Fearful Form
75] Ghoradamstra : She Whose Teeth are Fearful
76] Ghoraghoratara : She Who is Auspicious which Takes beyond
77] Subha : She Who is Pure
78] Mahadamstra : She Who has Great Teeth
79] Mahamaya : She Who is the Great Definition of Consciousness
80] Sundanti : She Who has Excellent Teeth.
81] Yugadantura : She Who is Beyond the Ages of Time
82] Sulocana : She Who has Beautiful eyes
83] Virupaksi : She Whose Eyes are of Indescribably form
84] Visalaksi : She Who has Great Eyes
85] Trilocana : She Who Has three Eyes
86] Saradenduprasannasya : She Who is pleased as the Autumn Moon
87] Sphuratsmerambujeksana : She whose Purity Shines in Her Lotus Eyes
88] Attahasaprasannasya : She Who has Great Laugh in Extreme pleasure
89] Smeravaktra : She Who Speaks Words of Remembrance
90] Subhasini : She Who has Excellent Expression
91] Prasannapadmavadana : She Whose Lotus Lips Smile
92] Smitasya : She Whose Face is Always Happy.
93] Piyabhasini : She Who is the Beloved Expression of Love
94] Kotaraksi : She Whose Eyes are Infinite
95] Kulasresta : She Who is the Excellent of Excellence or of
Excellent Family.
96] Mahati : She Who has a Great Mind
97] Bahubhasini : She Who Has Various Expressions
98] Sumatih : She Who has an Excellent Mind
99] Kumatih : She Who has a Devious Mind
100] Canda : She Who has Passion
101] Candamundativegini : She Who destroys passion, Meanness and
other negativities
102] Pracandacandika : She Who is Great Terrible Passion
103] Candi : She Who Tears Apart Thoughts
104] Candika : She Who is the Cause of Tearing Apart All thought
105] Candavegini : She who destroys all passion
106] Sukesi : She Who has beautiful hair
107] Muktakesi ca : She Who had unbound Hair
108] Dirghakesi : She Who has long hair
109] Mahatkuca : She Who has large breasts.
110] Pretadehakarnapura : She Who has the ears of the Cosmic Body
111] Pratapanisumekhala : She Who has the hands and Waist of the
Cosmic Body
112] Pretasana : She Who sits with disembodied spirits.
113] Priyapreta : She Who is the Beloved of Disembodied Spirits.
114] Pretabhumikrtalaya : She Who is the Land Where Disembodied
Spirits Reside
115] Smasanavasini : She Who resides in the Cremation Grounds
116] Punya : She Who is Merit
117] Punyada : She Who is the Giver of Merit.
118] Kulapandita : She Who is the One of Excellent Knowledge.
119] Punyalaya : She Who is the Residencee of Merit
120] Punyadeha : She Who Embodies Merit
121] Punyasloka ca : She Who every Utterance is Merit
122] Pavini : She Who Blows Like a Fresh Breeze.
123] Puta : She Who is the Daughter
124] Pavitra : She Who is pure.
125] Parama : She Who is Supreme
126] Purapunyavibhusana : She Who Illuminated the Fullest Merit.
127] Punyanamni : She Whose Name is Meritorious.
128] Bhitihara : She Who takes away fear and Doubt
129] Varada : She Who is the Grantor of Boons.
130] Khangapalini : She Who Has the sword of Wisdom in Her Hand.
131] Nrmundahastasasta ca : She Who Holds the Skull of Impure Thought
132] Chinnamasta : She Who holds the Severed head of Duality
133] Sunasika : She Who Has an Excellent Organ of Scent.
134] Daksina : She Who looks to the South; She who is the Offering
Made in Respect for Guidance.
135] Syamala : She Who has a Dark Complexion.
136] Syama : She Who is Dark
137] Santa : She Who is Peace.
138] Pinonnatastani : She Who raises the Trident in Her Hands.
139] Digambara : She Who Wears Space.
140] Ghorarava : She Whose sound in terrible.
141] Srkkanta : She Whose beauty creates.
142] Raktavahini : She Who is the Vehicle of passion
143] Ghorarava : She Whose Sound is Terrible
144] Sivasamgi : She who is with Siva.
145] Visamgi : She Who is Without Any other.
146] Madanatura : She Who is the Ultimate intoxication.
147] Matta : She Who is the Great Mind or Thinker.
148] Pramatta : She Who is the Foremost Mind or Thinker.
149] Pramada : She Who is the Giver of Preeminence.
150] Sudhasindhunivasini : She Who Resides in the Ocean of Purity.
151] Atimatta : She Who is Extremely Great Mind
152] Mahamatta : She Who is the Great Great Mind
153] Sarvakarsanakarini : She Who is the Cause of All Attraction
154] Gitapriya : She Who is the Beloved of Songs.
155] Vadyarata : She Who is Extremely Pleased by Music
156] Pretanrtyaparayana : She Who is the Eternal Dance of Disembodied
157] Caturbhuja : She Who Has four Arms.
158] Dasabhuja : She Who Has Ten Arms.
159] Astadasabhuja tatha : She Who Has Eighteen Arms also.
160] Katyayani : She Who is ever pure.
161] Jaganmata : She Who is the Mother of the Perceivable Universe.
162] Jagatam Paramesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the
Perceivable Universe.
163] Jagadhandhuh : She Who is the Friend of the Perceivable Universe.
164] Jagaddhatri : She Who creates the Perceivable Universe.
165] Jagadanandakarini : She Who is the Cause of Bliss in the
perceivable Universe
166] Jagajjivamayi : She Who is the Manifestation of All Life in the
167] Haimavati : She Who is Born of Himalayas.
168] Maya : She Who is the Great Measurement of Consciousness.
169] Mahamahi : She Who is the Great expression.
170] Nagayajnopavitangi : She Who is the Sacred thread on the body of
the snake, the adornment of Kundalini.
171] Nagini : She who is the snake.
172] Nagasayini : She who rests on snakes.
173] Nagakanya : She Who is the daughter of the snake.
174] Devakanya : She Who is the Daugther of the Gods.
175] Gandharvi ; She Who sings Celestial divine tunes.
176] Kinnaresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Heavenly Beings.
177] Moharatrih : She Who is the Night of ignorance.
178] Maharatrih : She Who is the Great Nights.
179] Daruna : She Who supports all
180] Bhasvarasuri : She Whose Radiancee Destroys Duality.
181] Vidyadhari : She Who Grants Great Knowledge
182] Vasumati : She Who has Wealth.
183] Yaksini : She Who Gives Wealth.
184] Yogini : She Who is Always in Union.
185] Jara : She Who is old
186] Raksasi : She Who is the Mother of all Demons.
187] Dakini : She Who is the Female Demonic Being.
188] Vedamayi : She Who is the Expression of Wisdom.
189] Vedavibhusana : She Who illuminated wisdom.
190] Srutih : She Who is That Which has been heard.
191] Smrtih : She Who is That which is remembered.
192] Mahavidya : She Who is Great Knowledge.
193] Guhyavidya : She Who is Hidden Knowledge
194] Puratani : She Who is the Oldest
195] Cintya : She Who is Thought.
196] Acintya : She Who is unthinkable.
197] Svadha : She Who is oblations of Ancestral Praise
198] Svaha : She Who is Oblations of I am one with God.
199] Nidra : She Who is sleep.
200] Tandra ca : She Who is partially awake.
201] Parvati : She Who is the Daughter of the Mountain
202] Aparna : She Who is Without parts.
203] Niscala : She Who cannot be divided.
204] Lola : She Who has a Protruding Tongue.
205] Sarvadidya : She Who is All Knowledge.
206] Tapasvini : She Who is the Performer of Purifying Austeritites.
207] Gamga : She Who is the Holy river.
208] Kasi : She Who is the Benaras.
209] Saci : She Who is the Wife of Indra.
210] Sita : She Who is the wife of Rama.
211] Sati : She Who is the wife of Siva
212] Satyaparayana : She Who always Moves in truth.
213] Nitih : She Who is systematized knowledge or Method
214] Sunitih : She Who is Excellent Systematized knowledge.
215] Surucih : She Who is Excellent Taste.
216] Tustih : She Who is satisfaction
217] Pustih : She Who is Nourishment.
218] Dhrtih : She Who is consistent solidity.
219] Ksama : She Who is forgiveness
220] Vani : She Who is words.
221] Buddhih : She Who is intelligence.
222] Mahalaksmih : She Who is the Great Goal of Existence.
223] Laksmih : She Who is the Goal.
224] Nilasarasvati : She Who is the Blue Goddess of Knowledge.
225] Srotasvati : She Who is the Spirit of All Sounds.
226] Sarasvati : She Who is the personification of One’s own
Ocean of
227] Matamgi ; She Who is the Mother of All Bodies.
228] Vijaya : She Who is conquest.
229] Jaya : She Who is Victory.
230] Nadi sindhuh : She Who is Rivers and Oceans.
231] Sarvamayi : She Who is the expressions of All.
232] Tara : She Who is the Illuminator.
233] Sunyanivasini : She Who Resides in Silencee.
234] Suddha : She Who is Purity.
235] Tarangini : She Who makes Waves.
236] Medha : She Who is the Intellect of Love.
237] Lakini : She Who is Manifesed Energies.
238] Bahurupini : She Who has many forms.
239] Sthula : She Who is the Gross Body.
240] Suksma : She Who is Subtle.
241] Suksmatara : She Who is the Subtle Wave.
242] Bhagavati : She Who is the Female Ruler of all.
243] Anuragini : She Who is the feeling of emotions.
244] Paramanandarupa ca : She Who is the Form of Supreme Bliss.
245] Cidanandasvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the
Bliss of Consciousness.
246] Sarvanandamayi : She Who is the Expression of of All Bliss
247] Nitya : She Who is Eternal
248] Sarvanandasvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Natura of All
249] Subhada : She Who is Giver of Purity.
250] Nandini : She Who is blissful                                                                                                                            251] Stutya : She Who is praise.
252] Stavaniyasvabhavani : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Songs
of Prayers.
253] Ramkini : She Who Manifests subtlety
254] Bhamkini : She Who is Ferocious.
255] Citra : She Who is Artistic.
256] Vicitra : She Who has Various Artistic capacities.
257] Citrarupini : She Who is the Form of all art.
258] Padma : She Who is the Lotus.
259] Padmalaya : She Who Resides in a Lotus.
260] Padamukhi : She Who has Lotus Mouth.
261] Padmavibhusana : She Who shines like a Lotus.
262] Hakini : She is the Energy of the Divine “I”
263] Sakini : She Who is the Energy of Peace
264] Santa : She Who is Peace
265] Rakini : She Who is the Energy of Subtlety
266] Rudhirapriya : She Who is the Beloved
267] Bhrantih : She Who is Confusion.
268] Bhavani : She Who is Manifested Existence
269] Rudrani : She Who is the Energy that removes sufferings.
270] Mrdani : She Who is the Rhythm of Life
271] Satrumardini : She Who is the destroyer of All Enmity.
272] Upendrani : She Who is the Highest Energy of the Ruler of the
273] Mahendrani : She Who is the Great Energy of the Ruler of the
274] Jyotsna : She Who radiates Light.
275] Candrasvrupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Moon of
276] Suryarmika : She Who is the Soul of the Light of Wisdom.
277] Rudrapatni : She Who is the Wife of Rudra, the Reliever of
278] Raudri : She Who is Fierce.
279] Stri Prakrtih : She Who is the Woman of Nature or the Nature of
280] Puman : She Who is Masculin.
281] Saktih : She Who is Energy
282] Suktih : She Who is Happiness.
283] Matih : She Who is the Mind.
284] Mata : She Who is the Mother.
285] Bhuktih : She Who is Enjoyment.
286] Muktih : She Who is Liberation.
287] Pativrata : She Who Observes the Vows of Devotion to her
288] Sarvesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All.
289] Sarvamata : She Who is Mother of All.
290] Sarvani : She Who Dwells in All.
291] Haravallabha : She Who is Siva’s Strength.
292] Sarvajna : She Who is Knower of All.
293] Siddhida : She Who is Giver of the Attainment of Perfection.
294] Siddha : She Who has Attained Perfection.
295] Bhavya : She Who is Existence.
296] Bhavya : She Who is All Attitudes.
297] Bhayapaha : She Who is Beyond all Fear.
298] Kartri : She Who Creates.
299] Hartri : She Who Transforms or Destroys.
300] Palayitri : She Who Protects
301] Sarvari : She Who Gives Rest
302] Tamasi : She Who Manifests Darkness
303] Daya : She Who is Compassionate.
304] Tamisra : She Who mixes or Mingles.
305] Tamasi : She who Manifest Darkness.
306]  Sthanuh : She Who is Established
307] Sthira : She who is Still
308] Dhira : She Who is Stationary
309] Tapasvini : She Who performs Austerities.
310] Carvangi : She Whose Body is in Motion.
311] Cancala : She Who is restless.
312] Lolajihva : She Who has a Protruding Tongue.
313] Carucaritrini : She Whose Character is to Heal.
314] Trapa : She Who saves from Fear.
315] Trapavati : She Whose Spirits saves from Fear.
316] Lajja : She Who is Modesty.
317] Vilajja : She Who is without Modesty.
318] Hrih : She who is Humble.
319] Rajovati : She Who is the Repository of Rajas Guna.
320] Sarasvati : She Who is the Personification of One’s own Ocean
321] Dharmanistha : She Who is the Strict Observances of the Ideals
of Perfection.
322] Srestha : She Who is Ultimate.
323] Nisthuranadini : She Whose Vibration is Extremely Subtle.
324] Garistha : She Who is Always Happy to See Her Devotees.
325] Dustasamhartri : She Who Dissolves All Evil.
326] Visista : She Who is Especially Beloved.
327] Sreyasi : She Who is the Ultimate.
328] Ghrna : She Who is Hatred.
329] Bhima : She Who is Terribly Fierce.
330] Bhayanaka : She Who is Extremely Fearful.
331] Bhimanadini : She Who has a Fierce Roar
332] Bhih : She Who is Fierce.
333] Prabhavati : She Who is the Spirit of Illumination.
334] Vagisvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All Vibrations.
335] Srih : She Who is Respect
336] Yamuna : She Who Manifests complete control.
337] Yajnakartri : She Who is the Performer of Union or Sacrifice.
338] Yajuhpriya : She Who is the Beloved of Union or Lover of Yajur
339] Rksamarthavanilaya : She Who resides in the Three vedas
340] Ragini : She Who is All Rhythm
341] Sobhanasvara : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Illumination
342] Kalakanthi : She Who Has  a dark throat.
343] Kambukanthi : She Whose Neck has Lines like a Conch Shell.
344] Venuvinaparayana : She Who is Always Playing the Vina
345] Vamsini : She For Whom all is Family
346] Vaisnavi : She Who Pervades the Universe.
347] Svaccha : She Who Desires Herself.
348] Dharitri : She Who Holds the Three.
349] Jagadisvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Perceivable
350] Madhumati : She Who is the Nectar of Honey.
351] Kundalini : She Who is the Manifestation of Individual Energy.
352] Rddhih : She Who is Prosperity.
353] Siddhih : She Who is the Attainment of Perfection.
354] Sucismita : She Who is the Remembrance of the Pure.
355] Rambhorvasi : She Who is the Apsaras Rambha and Urvasi.
356] Rati Rama : She Who is Extremely Beautiful.
357] Rohini : She Who is the Luminous Light of The Heavens.
358] Sankhini : She Who Holds a Conch Shell.
359] Magha : She Who is Infinite Wealth.
360] Revati : She Who is Abundance.
361] Cakrini : She Who Holds a discuss.
362] Krsna : She Who is Dark, She Who is the performer of All
363] Gadini : She Who holds a Club.
364] Padmini Tatha : She Who is a Lotus then.
365] Sulini : She Who Holds a Spear.
366] Parighastra ca : She Who Holds the Weapon of Good Actions
367] Pasini : She Who Holds the Net.
368] Samgapanini: She Who Holds the Bow named samga in Her Hands.
369] Pinakadharini : She Who Holds the Spear.
370] Dhumra : She Who Obscures Perceptions.
371] Sarabhi : She Whose Strength is Greater than Lions or Elephants.
372] Vanamalini : She Who is the Gardener of the Forest.
373] Rathini : She Who Conveys All.
374] Samaraprita : She Who Loves the Battle.
375] Vegini : She Who is Swift.
376] Ranapandita : She Who is Expert in War.
377] Jatini : She Who Has disheveled Hair.
378] Vajrini : She Who holds the Thunderbolt or Lightening.
379] Lila : She Who is the Divine Drama.
380] Iavanyambudhicandrika : She Whose Beauty Radiated the Light of
381] Balipriya : She Who is the Beloved of Sacrifice.
382] Sadapujya : She Who is Worthy of Worship.
383] Purna : She Who is Full, Complete, Perfect.
384] Daityendramathini : She Who is Welcomed by the Leader of All
385] Mahisasurasamhartri : She Who is Destroyer of the Great Ruler of
386] Kamini : She Who is All Desires.
387] Raktadantika : She Who Has Red Teeth.
388] Raktapa : She Who Protects Passion
389] Rudhiraktangi : She Whose Body is Covered with Passion.
390] Raktakharparahastini : She Who Bears a Cup of Passion in Her
391] Raktapriya : She Whose Loves, or is the Beloved of Passion.
392] Mamsarucirasavasaktamanasa : She Who Delights in Eating Meat and
Drinking Intoxicating Spirits.
393] Galacchonitamundali : She Who Wears a Garland of Heads Dripping
394] Kanthamalavibhusana : She Who Wears a Garland Upon Her Neck.
395] Savasana : She Who sits upon a Corpse.
396] Citantahstha : She Who is Established in the Ultimate
397] Mahesi : She Who is the Greatest Seer of ALL.
398] Vrsavahini : She Who Rides Upon the Bull of Determination.
399] Vyaghratvagambara : She Who Wears a Garment of Tiger Skin.
400] Cinacailini : She Who Moves with the Speed of a Deer.
401] Simhavahini : She Who Rides Upon a Lion.
402] Vamadevi : She Who is the Beloved Goddess.
403] Mahadevi : She Who is a Great Goddess.
404] gauri : She Who is Rays of Light.
405] Sarvajnabhamini : She Who Illuminates All Wisdom.
406] Balika : She Who is a Young Girl.
407] Taruni : She Who is a Middle Aged Lady
408] vrddha : She Who is an Old Lady
409] Vrddhamata : She Who is the Mother of the Aged.
410] Jaratura : She Who is Beyond Age.
411]  Subhruh : She Who Has an Excellent Forehead.
412]  Vilasini : She Who resides Within Herself.
413] Brahmavadini : She Who is the Vibration of Supreme Diety.
414]  Brahmani : She Who Creates Divinity.
415] Mahi : She Who is Earth.
416] Svapnavati : She Who is the Spirit of Dreams.
417] Citralekha : She Who is Various Writings.
418] Lopamudra : She Who is the Manifestation of The Which Is Beyond
Manifested Existence.
419]  Suresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All Divinity.
420] Amogha : She Who is Always Rewarding.
421] Arundhati : She Who is the Purity of Devotion, Epitome of
422] Tiksna : She Who is Sharp.
423] Bhogavati : She Who is the Spirit of All Enjoyment.
424] Anuragini : She Who is the Spirits of All Feelings.
425] Mandakini : She Who Organizes the Mind to Optimum Efficiency.
426] Mandahasa : She Whose Mind Always Laughs.
427] Jvalamukhi : She Whose Face Radiates.
428] Asurantaka : She Who is the Cause of the End of the Forces of
429] Manada : She Who is the Giver of Discipline.
430] Manini : She Who Creates Discipline.
431] Manya : She Who is Discipline
432] Mananiya : She Who is the Supreme Lord of Discipline.
433] Madatura : She Who is Completely Intoxicated
434] Madira Meduronmada : She Who is Intoxicated with Divine Spirit.
435] Medhya : She Who is Born of Intellect.
436] Sadhya : She Who is the Performer of All Discipline.
437] Prasadini : She Who is the Prasada or Consecration of Offerings.
438] Sumadhyanantagunini : She Who Resides in the Middle of Infinite
Excellent Qualities.
439] Sarvalokottamottama : All the Beings of All the Worlds Consider
Her to be Greater then the Greatest.
440] Jayada : She Who is the Giver of Victory.
441] Jitvara : She Who Grants the Boon of Victory.
442] Jetri : She Who is Victorious Over the Three.
443] Jayasrih : She Who is Victorious with Respect.
444] Jayasalini : She Who is the Repository of Victory.
445] Subhada : She Who is the Giver of Purity.
446] Sukhada : She Who is the Giver of Happiness or Comfort.
447] Satya : She Who is the Manifestation of Truth.
448] Sabhasamksobhakarini : She Who is the Cause of Purity for the
Entiry Community.
449] Sivaduti : She For Whom Siva is the Ambassador.
450] Bhutimati : She Who is the Expression of All Manifested
451]  Vibhutih : She Who is the Expression of the Expressionless Deity
452]  Bhisananana : She Whose Face is Free from Fear.
453]  Kaumari : She Who is the Manifestation of the Ever Pure One.
454]  Kulaja : She Who is the Giver of Birth to the Family.
455]  Kunti : She Who takes Away the Deficiency of Others.
456]  Kulastri : She Who is the Woman of the Family.
457]  Kulapalika : She Who is the Protector of the Family.
458]  Kirttih : She Who is Fame.
459] Yasasvini : She Who is Welfare.
460]  Bhusa : She Who is the Peace of All Beings.
461]  Bhustha : She Who is the Cause of Peace to All Beings.
462]  Bhutapatipriya : She Who is Loved by the Lord of All
Disembodies Spirits.
463]  Saguna : She Who is With Qualities.
464]  Nirguna : She Who is Without Qualities.
465]  Trsna : She Who is All Thirst.
466]  Nistha : She Who Obeys All the Rules.
467]  Kastha : She Who is the Cause of Desire.
468]  Pratisthita : She Who Establishes.
469]  Dhanistha : She Who is the Beloved Wealth.
470]  Dhanada : She Who is the Giver of Wealth.
471]  Dhanya : She Who is Wealthy.
472]  Vasudha : She Who Supports the Earth.
473]  Suprakasini : She Who is Excellent Illumination.
474]  Urvi : She Who is the Supreme Lord of Circumstances.
475]  Gurvi : She Who is the Supreme Lord of Gurus.
476]  Gurusrestha : She Who is the Ultimate Guru.
477]  Sadguna : She Who is With Qualities of Truth.
478]  Trigunatmika : She Who is the Manifestation of the Soul of the
Three Qualities.
479]  Rajnamajna : She Who is the Wisdom of the Order of the King.
480]  Mahaprajna : She Who is the Great Ultimate Wisdom
481]  Saguna : She Who is With Qualities.
482]  Nirgunatmika : She Who is the Manifestation of the Soul of the
Three Qualities.
483]  Mahakulina : She Who is the Mother of all the Great Family.
484]  Niskama : She Who is Without Desire.
485]  Sakama : She Who is With Desire
486]  Kamajivani : She Who is the Life of Desire.
487]  Kamadevakala : She Who is the Attributes of the Lord of Desire.
488]  Ramabhirama : She Who is the Energy of Perfection in the Subtle
489]  Sivanartaki : She Who Dances with Siva.
490]  Cinttamanih : She Who is the Jewel of All Thought.
491]  Kalpalata : She Who clings to Thought.
492] Jagrati : She Who wakes UP the Universe.
493]  Dinavatsala : She Who is the Refuge of the Downtrodden.
494]  Karttiki : She Who is the Expression of All That is Done.
495]  Krtika : She Who is the Doer or the Cause of All Doing.
496] Krtya : She Who is That Which is Done.
497]  Ayodhya Visamasama : She Who is the Same as the Place Where
there is no War.
498]  Sumantra : She Who is the Excellent Mantra Which Takes Away the
499]  Mantrini : She Who is the Energy of All Mantras.                                                                                           500]  Purna : She Who is Perfect.
501] Hladini : She who is always happy.
502] Klesanasini : She who is the destroyer of All Imperfections
503] Trailokyajanani : She Who is the Mother of all the Three Worlds.
504] Jyestha : She Who is Oldest.
505] Mimamsamantrarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Vedic
506] Tadaganimnajathara : She Who is the Fire of All Digestion
507] Suskamamsasthimalini : She Who wears a Garland of Dried Limbs
508] Avantimathurahrdya : She Who is the heart of Mathura and Avadha
509] Trailokyapavanaksama : She Who Brings the Winds of Forgiveness
to the Three Worlds.
510] Vyaktavyaktatmika murtih : She Who is the Image of the Manifest
and Unmanisfested Soul
511] Sarabhi bhimanadini : She Whose Sound is Extremely Loud.
512] Ksemankari : She Who is the Welfare of All.
513] Sankari ca : She Who is the Cause of Peace .
514] Sarvasammohakarini : She Who is Ignorance of All.
515] Urdhvatejasvini : She Who is the Rising Light of All.
516] Klinna : She Whose Heart is very Soft.
517] Mahatejasvini tatha : She Who is the Great Light
518] Advaitabhogini : She Who Enjoys Non Duality.
519] Pujya : She Who is Worthy of Worship
520] Yuvati : She Who is Young.
521] Sarvamangala : She Who is all welfare.
522] Sarvapriyankari : She Who is the cause of All Love.
523] Bhogya : She Who is Enjoyed.
524] Dharani : She Who Supports All.
525] Pisitasana : She Who sites upon a Deer.
526] Bhayamkari : She Who is fearful
527] Papahara : She Who takes Away All sins.
528] Niskalamka : She Who is without Fault.
529] vasamkari : She Who controls.
530] Asa : She who is Hope.
531] Trsna : She Who is Thirst.
532] Candrakala : She Who is the Digit of the Moon, Attribute of
533] Indrani : She Who is the Energy of the Ruler of the Pure.
534] Vayuvegini : She Who Moves With the Freedom of Emancipation.
535] Sahasrasuryasamkasa : She Whose Illumination is Like a Thousand
536] Candrakotisamaprabha : She Whose Illlumination is like Ten
Million Moons.
537] Nisumbhasumbhasamhantri : She Who Dissolves Self-Deprecation and
538] Raktabijavinasini : She Who is the Destroyer of the Seed of
539] Madhukaitabhahantri ca : She Who Dissolves Too Much and Too
540] Mahisasuraghatini : She Who is the Destroyer of the Great Ego.
541] Vahnimandalamadhyastha : She Who is Situated in the Middle of
the Circle of Fire.
542] Sarvasattvapratisthita : She who Established All Truth.
543] Sarvacaravati : She Who is the Spirit of All that Does Not Move.
544] Sarvadevakanyadhidevata : She Who is the Supreme Goddess of All
Divine Females.
545] Daksakanya : She Who is the Daughter of Ability.
546] Daksayajnanasini : She Who is the Destroyer of the sacrifice of
547] Durgatarini : She Who is the Reliever of Difficulties, Who Takes
Us Across the Ocean of Objects and Relationships.
548] Ijya : She Who is Desired.
549] Pujya : She Who is Worthy of Worship.
550] Satkirttih : She Who is True Fame.
551] Brahmarupini : She Who Has the Capacity of Form of Supreme
552] Vibhirbhutih : She Who Manifests the Greatest Fears.
553] Rambhotuh : She Who is the Beautiful One Residing in the Thights.
554] Caturakara : She Who Manifests the Four of Creation.
555] Jayanti : She Who is Victory.
556] Karuna : She Who is Compassionate
557] Kuhuh : She Who is the New Moon
558] Manasvini : She Who Reflects Mind.
559] Devamata : She Who is Mother of Gods
560] Yasasya : She Who is Worthy of Welfare.
561] Brahmacarini : She Who Moves in the Supreme Consciousness.
562] Siddhida : She Who is the Giver of Perfection.
563] Vrddhida : She Who is the Giver of Change or Modification.
564] Vrddhih : She Who is Change or Modification
565] Sarvadya : She Who is Foremost of All; She Who is Before All.
566] Sarvadayini : She Who is the Giver of All.
567] Agadharupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of That Which
Does not End.
568] Dhyeya : She Who is Meditated Upon.
569] Muladharanivasini : She Who Resides in the Muladhara Cakra.
570] Ajna : She Who Orders Creation.
571] Prajna : She Who is Primordial Wisdom.
572] Purnamanah : She Who is Full and Complete.
573] Candramukhyanukulini : She Who is the Complete Collection of the
face of the Moon.
574] Vavaduka : She Who Charms Everyone with Her Speech.
575] Nimnanabhih : She Whose Navel is Indented.
576] Satyasandha : She Who Has Found Turth.
577] Drdhavrata : She Who is Determined in Her Vow.
578] Anvisiki : She Who Embodies All Spiritual Knowledge.
579] Dandaniti : She Who is the Punishment by Which Discipline is
580] Trayi : She Who is Three.
581] Tridivasundari : She Who is the Beauty of the Three divinities.
582] Jvalini : She Who Burns.
583] Jvalini : She Who Causes to Burn.
584] Sailatanaya : She Who is the Daughter of the Mountain.
585] Vindhyavasini : She Who resides in Mountains of Knowledge that
Breed Humility.
586] Pratyaya : She Who Sees All Concepts.
587] Khecari : She Whose Spirit Soars.
588] Dhairya : She Who is Determination.
589] Turiya : She Who is Beyond.
590] Vimalatura : She Who is the Highest Expression of Purity.
591] Pragalbha : She Who is Confident.
592] Varunicchaya : She Who is the Reflection of the Cause of
593] Sasini : She Who is the Radiancec of the Moon.
594] Visphulingini : She Who has Subtle Radiance.
595] Bhaktih : She Who is Devotion.
596] Siddhih : She Who is Perfection.
597] Sadapritih : She Who is Always Beloved.
598] Prakamya : She Who is the Foremost of All Desires.
599] Mahimanima : She Who is the Mother Who is the Jewel of the
600] Icchasiddhih : She Who is the Perfection of All Desires.
601] Vasitva : She Who is the Supreme Controller
602] Isitvordhvanivasini : She Who Resides Above All that is desired.
603] Laghima : She Who is Extremely Small
604] Gayatri : She Who is the Wisdom of the Three.
605] Savitri : She Who is the Illuminator of the Three.
606] Bhuvanesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Manifested
607] Manohara : She Who Takes Away Thoughts.
608] Cita ; She Who is Consciousness.
609] Divya : She Who is Divine.
610] Devyudara : She Who holds Aloft All Goddesses.
611] Manorama : She Who Esemplifies Beauty of the Mind.
612] Pingala : She Who is a Subtle Avenue by Which Energy Flows.
613] Kapila : She Who is like a Cow, a giver of Pure Nourishment.
614] Jihvarasajna : She Who Has the Nectar of Wisdom on Her Tongue.
615] Rasika : She Who is All Nectar.
616] Rama : She Whe is Beauty.
617] Susumnedayogavati : She Who is the Spirit of Union Within the
618] Gandhari : She Who Wears an Excellent Scent.
619] narakantaka : She Who is the End of All Hell.
620] Pancali : She Who Belongs to the Five.
621] Rukmini : She Who is the Jewel of All Circumstances.
622] Radha : She Who is the Beloved of Krsna.
623] Radhya : She Who causes Consciousness in the Subtle Body.
624] Bhama : She Who is the Mother of Illumination.
625] Radhika : She Who is the Beloved of Krsna: She Who is the Cause
of Illumination of Consciousness in the Subtle Body.
626] Amrta : She Who is the Nectar of Immortality.
627] Tulasi : She Who is the Basil Plant.
628] Vrnda : She Who is the Giver of Changes.
629] Kaitabhi : She Who Constricts.
630] Kapatesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All Fraudulent
631] Ugracandesvari : She Who is the Ruler of Fearful Passion.
632] Virajanani : She Who is the Mother of All Heroes and Warriors.
633] Virasundari : She Who is the Beautiful of All Warriors.
634] UgraTara : She Whose Illumination is Fearful.
635] Yasodakhya : She Who is the Light in the Eyes of Yasoda.
636] Devaki : She Who is the Mother of Krsna: She Who caused Divinity
to Manifest.
637] Devamanita : She Who is obeyed by the Gods.
638] Niramjana Cite : She Who is Formless Consciousness.
639] Devi : She Who is the Goddess.
640] Krodhini : She Who is Angry.
641] Kuladipika : She Who is the Light of Excellence.
642] Kulavagisvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Vibrations of
643] Jvala : She Who Radiates.
644] Matrka : She Who is the Mother in the Form of Letters.
645] Dravani : She Who Manifests What you Value.
646] Drava : She Who is What you Value.
647] Yogesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Union.
648] Mahamari : She Who is the Great Destroyer.
649] Bhramari : She Who Comes in the Form of a Bee.
650] Bindurupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Form of
651] Duti : She Who is Ambassador
652] Pranesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Life.
653] Gupta : She Who is Hidden
654] Bahula : She Who is Everywhere.
655] Damari : She Who plays the Damaru Drum
656] Prabha : She Who is Radiant Light.
657] Kubjika : She Who is Hunchbacked or Crippled.
658] Jnanini : She Who Manifests Wisdom.
659] Jyestha : She Who is Oldest.
660] Bhusundi : She Who Holds the Sling.
661] Prakatakrtih : She Who Manifests Without doing.
662] Dravini : She Who Manifests Wealth.
663] Gopini : She Who is Secretive.
664] Maya : She Who is the Supreme Measurement of Consciousness.
665] Kamabijesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the seed of
666] Priya : She Who is the Beloved
667] Sakambhari : She Who Nourishes With Vegetables.
668] Kukanada : She Who Engenders the Seed.
669] Susila : She Who is Consistently Excellent.
670] Tilottama : She Who is Excellently Pure.
671] Ameyavikramakrura : She Who Manifests Unsurpassed Grace.
672] Sampacchilativikrama : She Who is Spinning in the Attachment for
the lost of Wealth.
673] Svastihavyavaha : She Who is the Conveyance for the offerings of
674] Priti : She Who is the Beloved.
675] Usma : She Who is the Mother of Circumstances.
676] Dhumrarcirangada : She Who Makes the Body Free From Sin.
677] Tapini : She Who is Heat and Light.
678] Tapini : She Who is the cause of Heat and Light.
679] Visva : She Who is the Universe.
680] Bhogada : She Who is the Giver of enjoyment.
681] Bhogadharini : She Who is the Supporter of Enjoyment.
682] Trikhanda : She Who has Three Parts.
683] Bodhini : She Who Manifests Wisdom.
684] Vasya : She Who is Controlled.
685] Sakala : She Who is All.
686] Visvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Universe.
687] Bijarupa : She Who is the Form of the Seed.
688] Mahamudra : She Who is the Great Configuration of the Cosmos.
689] Vasini : She Who Controls.
690] Yogarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Union.
691] Anangakusuma : She Wh ois the Flower of Infinity.
692] Anangamekhala : She Who wears the Girdle of Infinity.
693] Anangarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Infinity.
694] Anangamadana : She Who is the Intoxication of Infinity.
695] Anangarekha : She Who is the Limit of Infinity.
696] Anangankusesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Goad of
697] Anangamalini : She Who is the Garderner Who Cultivated Infinity.
698] Kamesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of All Desires.
699] Sarvarthasadhika : She Who Performs discipline for all
700] Sarvatamtramayi : She Who is the Expression of All Applications
of Spiritual Knowledge.
701] Modinyarunanangarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the
Intoxicating Light of Infinite Love
702] Vajresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Lightening
703] Janani : She who is Mother
704] sarvaduhkhaksayamkari : She Who Dissolves All Pain into the
705] Sadangayuvati : She Who is a Young Lady with Six Limbs.
706] Yogayukta : She Who is United in Union.
707] Jvalamsumalini : She Who is the Cultivator of Radiance.
708] Durasaya : She Who Resides in the Distance
709] Duradharsa : She Who is a Difficult Ideal to Attain.
710] Durjneya : She Who Gives Knowledge that is Difficult to attain.
711] Durgarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Reliever of
712] Duranta : She Who is the End of Distance.
713] Duskrtihara : She Who Takes Away Evil Action.
714] Durdhyeya : She Who is Knowledge that is Difficult to Attain.
715] Duratikrama : She Who is the Mother of All Difficult Action.
716] Hamsesvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of Laughter.
717] Trikonastha : She Who Resides in a Triangle.
718] Sakambharyanukampini : She Who is the Feeling of Nourishment
from Vegetables and Produce of the Earth.
719] Trijonamilaya : She Who Resides Beyond the Triangle.
720] Nitya : She Who is Eternal.
721] Paramamrtaramjita : She Who is the Enjoyment of the Supreme
Nectar of Immortality.
722] Mahavidyesvari ; She Who is the Supreme Ruler of The Great
723] Sveta : She Who is White or Pure.
724] Bherunda : She Who is Formidable.
725] Kulasundari : She Who is the Beauty of Excellence.
726] Tvarita : She Who is Quick.
727] Bhaktisamyukta : She Who is Completely United in Devotion.
728] Bhativasya : She Who is Under the Control of Devotion.
729] Santani : She Who is Eternal
730] Bhaktanandamayi : She Who is the Manifestation of the Bliss of
731] Bhaktabhavita : She Who is the Attitude of Devotion.
732] Bhaktasankari : She Who is the cause of the Peace of Devotion.
733] Sarvasundaryanilaya : She Who is the Repository of all Beauty.
734] Sarvasaubhagyasalini : She Who is the Repository of all Good
735] Sarvasambhogabhavani : She Who is the Mother of all Enjoyment.
736] Sarvasaukhyanurupini : She Who is the Intrinic Nature of the
Feeling of All Comforts.
737] Kumaripujanarata : She Who enjoys the Worship of the Ever Pure
738] Kumarivratacarini : She Who continues the Performance of the Vow
of Worship for the ever pure one.
739] Kumari : She Who is the ever pure one.
740] Bhaktisukhini : She Who Gives the Pleasure of Devotion.
741] Kumarirupadharini : She Who wears the Form of The Every Pure
742] Kumaripujakaprita : She Who Loves the Worship of the Every pure
743] Kumaripritidapriya : She Who is the beloved of the Beloved of
the ever pure one.
744] Kumarisevakasamga : She Who is United in the Service of the Ever
Pure One.
745] Kumarisevakalaya : She Who Resides Within Those Who Serve the
Ever Pure One.
746] Anandabhairavi : She Who is the Bliss Beyond All Fear.
747] BalaBhairavi : She Who is the Strength Beyond All Fear.
748] Batubhairavi : She Who is Youth Beyond All fear.
749] Smasanabhairavi : She Who is in the Cremation Ground Where All
fears Ends.                                                                                                                             750] Kalabhairavi : She Who is Time Beyond All Fear.
751] Purabhairavi : She Who is in the Cremation Ground Where All Fear

752] Mahabhairavapatni : She Who is the Spouse of the Great One
Beyond All Fears.

753] Paramanandabhairavi : She Who is the Supreme Bliss Beyong
754] Suranandabhairavi : She Who is Divine Bliss Beyond All Fear
755] Unmattanandabhairavi : She Who is Bliss Beyond All Fear
756] Muktyanandabhairavi  : She Who is the Bliss of Liberation Beyond
All Fear

757] Tarunabhairavi : She Who is the Energy that Pulls Beyond Fear
758] Jnananandabhairavi : She Who is the Bliss of Wisdom Beyond All

759] Amrtanandabhairavi : She Who is the Nectar of Immortality Beyond
All Fear.

760] Mahabhayamkari : She Who is Greatly Fearful
761] Tivra : She Who is Very Swift.
762] Tivravega : She Who Moves Very Swiftly
763] Tarasvini : She Who Takes Across
764] Tripura : She Who is the Resident of the Three Cities.
765] Paramesani : She Who is the Supreme ruler of All.
766] Sundari : She Who is the Beautiful One.
767] Purasundari : She Who is Completely Beautiful.
768] Tripuresvari : She Who is the Supreme ruler of the Three Cities.
769] Pancadasi : She Who is the Fifteen Lettered One.
770] Pancami : She Who is the Fifth.
771] Puravasini : She Who is the Resident of the City.
772] Mahasaptadasi : She Who is the Great Seventeen
773] Sodasi : She Who is the Sixteen.
774] Tripuresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Three Cities.
775] Mahamkusasvarupa : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Great

776] Mahacakresvari Tatha : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Great
Centers of Energy.

777] Navacakresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Nine

778] Cakresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Centers of the

779] Tripuramalini : She Who is the Gardener of the Three Cities.
780] Rajacakresvari : She Who is the Supreme Ruler of the Kings of
All Centers of Energy.

781] Vira : She Who is the Female Hero.
782] Mahatripurasundari : She Who is the great Beautiful One of the
Three Cities.

783] Sindurappurarucira : She Who is Completely Delighted with the
Red Spot of Vermilion.

784] Srimattripurasundari : She Who is the Respected Beautiful One of
the Three Cities.

785] Savangasundari : She Whose All Limbs are Beautiful.
786] Rakta : She Who is Passion.
787] Raktavastrottariyaka : She Who is Clothed in Red Garment.
788] Yava : She Who is Passion.
789] Yavakasinduraraktacandanadharini : She Who Wears Vermilion and
Red Sandal Paste.

790] Yavayavakasinduraraktacandanarupadhrk : She Whose Youthful
Countenance is Constantly Adorned with Red Vermilion and Red Sandal

791] Camari : She Who is Inconstant.
792] Vacakutilanirmalasyamakesini : She Who is Spoken of as One Who
Has Pure Dark Wavy Hair.

793] Vajramauktikaratnadyakiritamukutojjvala : She in Whose Crown the
Pearls and Jewels are Shinning Like Lightening.

794]Ratnakundalasamyuktasphuradgandamanorama : She Who Disseminates a
Beautiful Scent is Wearing a Necklace of Radiantly Shinning Jewels
Which are United Together.

795] Kunjaresvarakumbhotthamuktaranjitanasika : She Who Wears an
Extremely Beautiful Nose Ring which is made from the Supreme Lord of
All Jewels and Pearls.

796] Muktavidrumamanikyaharadhyastanamandala : She Who Wears a
Necklace of Exquisitely beautiful Pearls and Jewels in the region of
Her Breast.

797] Suryakantendukantadhyasparsamakanthabhusana : She Whose Throat
is Shinning by the Ultimate Touch of the Sun and the Moon.

798] Bijapurasphuradbijadantapamktiranuttama : She Whose Fifteen
Excellent Teeth are Completely Shinning with Bija Mantra.

799] Kamakodandakabhugnabhruyugaksipravartini : She Whose Eye in the
Middle of Her Forehead Disciplines Desire.

800]Matangakumbhavaksoja : She Whose Breasts Give Nourishment to

801] Iasatkokanadeksana : She Who Especially Loves the Red Lotus

802] Manojnasaskulikarna : She Who Knows the Entire Path from the Ear
to the Mind.

803] Hamsigatividambini : She Who is the Mother of the Swan Motion.
804] Padmaragamgadadyotaddoscatuskaprakasini : She Whose Lotus-like
Body is the Illuminator of the Four Vedas.

805] Nanamaniparisphuryacchuddhakancanakamkana : She Who Wears
Bracelets Shining with Various Gems and Jewels.

806] Nagendradantanirmanavalayancitapanika : She Whose Fingers of Her
Hands Bear Rings of Ivory and Other Gems.

807] Amguriyakacitramgi : She Who Wears Rings on Various Parts of Her
808] Vicitraksudraghantika : She Who Holds an Unusually Small Bell.
809] Pattambaraparidhana : She Who Wears Shiny Silk Cloth.
810] Kalamanjiraranjini : She Who Enjoys the Tinkling of Cymbals to
Accompany Devotional Chanting.

811] Karpuragurukasturikumkumadravalepita : She Who Wears Unguents of
Camphor, Woodapple, and Musk mixed with Red Paste.

812] Vicitraratnaprthivikalpasakhatalasthita : She Who is Situated on
the Earth Covered with Various Jewels at the Foot of the Tree of All

813] Ratnadvipasphuradratnasimhasananivasini : She Who Sits upon a
Seat of Jewels From the Purity of the Island of Jewels.

814] Satcakrabhedanakari : She Who Pierce the Six Centers of Energy.
815] Paramanandarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the
Supreme Bliss.

816] Sahasradalapadmantascandramandalavartini :
817] Brahmarupasivakrodananasukhavilasini : She Who Resides in the
Form of Supreme Divinity, in the Anger of Siva, and in Various Forms
of Pleasure.

818] Haravisnuvirancindragrahanayakasevita : She Who is Served by
Siva, Visnu, Brahma, Indra and the Leaders of the Planets.

819] Atmayonih : She Who is the Womb of the Soul.
820] Brahmayonih : She Who is the Womb of the Supreme Divinity.
821] Jagadyonih : She Who is the Womb of Perceivable Universe.
822] Ayonija : She Who Does Not Take Birth from any womb.
823] Bhagarupa : She Who is the Form of Wealth.
824] Bhagasthatri : She Who resides Within Wealth.
825] Bhaginibhagadharini : She Who Upholds Wealth and is the Wealth.
826] Bhagatmika : She Who is the Capacity for the Support of Wealth.
827] Bhagadhararupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the
Manifestation of Wealth.

828] Bhagasalini : She Who Responses in Wealth.
829] Lingabhidhayini : She Who is a Progenitor of the Subtle Body.
830] Lingapriya : She Who is the Beloved of the Subtle Body.
831] Linganivasini : She Who resided Within the Subtle Body.
832] Lingastha : She Who is Situated in the Subtle Body.
833] Lingini : She Who is the Capacity of the Subtle Body.
834] Lingarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the Subtle
835] Lingasundari : She Who is the Beautiful One in the Subtle Body.
836] Lingagitimahapritih : She Who is Greatly Enamored of the Songs
of Subtlety.

837] Bhagagitirmahasukha : She Who Derived great Pleasure from the
Wealth of Songs.

838] Linganamasadananda : She Who Always Takes Delight in the Subtle
839] Bhaganamasadaratih : She Who is Always Inspired by the Name
Which Bears Wealth.

840] Bhaganamasadananda : She Who is Always in Bliss with the Names
Which Bear Wealth.

841] Linganamasadaratih : She Who is Always Inspired by the Names of

842] Lingamalakanthabhusa : She At Whose Throat Shines Forth the
Garland of Subtlety.

843] Bhagamalavibhusana : She Who Shines Forth with the Garland of
844] Bhagalimgamrtaprita : She Who is Beloved of the Subtle Nectar of
845] Bhagalingamrtatmika : She Who is the Capacity of the Subtle
Nectar of Wealth to Manifest.

846] Bhagalingarcanaprita : She Who is the Beloved of the Offering of
Subtle Wealth.

847] Bhagalingasvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of Subtle
848] Bhagallingasvarupa : She Who is the Essence of Subtle Wealth.
849] Bhagalingasukhavaha : She Who is the Conveyance of the Pleasure
of Subtle Wealth.

850] Svayambhukusumaprita : She Who is the Beloved of the Flower
Which is Born of Itself.

851] Svayambhukusumarcita: She Who is the Offering of the  Flower
Which is Born of Itself.

852] Svayambhukusumaprana : She Who is the Life Force of the Flower
Which is Born itself

853] Svayambhukusumotthita : She Who Raises Aloft the Flower Which is
Born of itself.

854] Svayambhukusumasnata : She Who is Bathed by the Flower Which is
Born of Itself.

855] Svayambhupuspatarpita : She Who is the Offering to Ancestors of
the Flowers which is Born of Itself.

856] Svayambhupuspaghatita : She Who is the Refuge of the Flower
Which is Born of Itself.

857] Svayambhupushadharini : She Who Upholds or Supports the Flower
Which is Born of Itself.

858] Svayambhupushatilaka : She Who Wears a Tilak Made of the Flower
Which is Born of Itself.

859] Svayambhupuspavarcita : She Who Offers the Flowers Which is Born
of Itself.

860] Svayambhupuspanirata : She Who is Absorbed in the Essence of the
Flower Which is Born of Itself.

861] Svayambhukusumagraha : She Who is Beyond the Worlds of the
Flower Which is Born of Itself.

862] Svayambhupuspayajnamga : She Who Offers in Sacrifice to Her Own
Self the Flower Which is Born of Itself.

863] Svayambhukusumatmika : She Who is the Capacity of the Soul to
Manifest the Flower Which is Born of Itself.

864] Svayambhupusparacita : She Who is the Expression of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

865] Svayambhukusumapriya : She Who is the Beloved of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

866] Svayambhukusumadanalalasonmattamanasa : She Whose Mind is
Intoxicated with Desire for the Flower Which is Born by Itself.

867] Svayambhukusumanandalaharisnigdhadehini : She Whose Friendly
Body Experience Waves of Bliss from the Flower Which is Born by

868] Svayambhukusumadhara : She Who Supports the Flower Which is Born
by Itself.

869] Svayambhukusumakula  : She Who is the Family of the Flower Which
is Born by Itself.

870] Svayambhupuspanilaya : She Who Resides in the Flower Which is
Born by Itself.

871] Svayambhupuspavasini : She Who Sits on the Flower Which is Born
by Itself.

872] Svayambhukusumasnigdha: She Who is the Friend of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

873] Svayambhukusumotsuka : She Who is the Supreme Pleasure of the
Flower Which is Born by Itself.

874] Svayambhupuspakarini : She Who is the Cause of the Flower Which
is Born by Itself.

875] Svayambhupspapalika : She Who is the Protector of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

876] Svayambhukusumadhyana : She Who is the Student or Meditator on
the Flower Which is Born by Itself.

877] Svayambhukusumaprabha : She Who is the Radiance of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

878] Svayambhukusumajnana : She Who is the Wisdom of the Flower Which
is Born by itself.

879] Svayambhupuspabhogini : She Who is the Enjoyer of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

880] Svayambhukusumananda : She Who is the Bliss of the Flower Which
is Born by Itself.

881] Svayambhupuspavarsini : She Who Causes the Rain of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

882] Svayambhukusumatsaha : She Who is the Enthusiasm of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

883] Svayambhupuspapuspini : She Who is the Flower of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

884] Svayambhukusumotsamga : She Who is Always With the Flower Which
is Born by Itself.

885] Svayambhupusparupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the
Flower Which is Born by Itself.

886] Svayambhukusumonmada : She Who is the Intoxication of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

887] Svayambhupuspasundari : She Who is the Beauty of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

888] Svayambhukusumaradhya : She Who is Delighted by the Flower Which
is Born by Itself.

889] Svayambhukusumodbhava : She Who Gives Birth to the Flower Which
is Born by Itself.

890]Svayambhukusumavyagra : She Who Distinguishes the Flower Which is
Born by Itself.

891] Svayambhupuspavarnita : She Who Expresses the Flowers Which is
Born by Itself.

892] Svayambhupukakaprajna : She Who is the Supreme Wisdom of Worship
of that Which is Born by itself.

893] Svayambhuhotrmatrka : She Who is the Mother of the Supreme
Wisdom of Sacrifical Worship of that Which is Born by Itself.

894] Svayambhudatrraksitri : She Who Protects the Bestower of that
Which is Born by itself.

895] Svayambhubhaktabhavika : She Who Intuitively Understands the
Attitude of Devotion of that Which is Born by Itself.

896] Svayambhukusumaprajna : She who is the Wisdom of the Flower
Which is Born by Itself.

897] Svayambhupujakapriya : She Who is the Beloved of the Worship of
that Which is Born by Itself.

898] Svayambhuvandakadhara : She Who Supports the cause of Worship of
that Which is Born by Itself.

899] Svayambhunindakantaka : She who is the Cause of the End of that
Which is Born by itself.

900] Svayambhupradasarvasva : She who is the Bestower of all the
Which is Born by Itself.

901] Svayambhunindakantaka : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of the
Bestower of that Which is Born by Itself.

902] Svayambhupradasasmera : She Who is the Remembrance of the
bestower of that Which is Born of Itself.

903] Svayambharddhasaririni : She Who is the Half Body of that Which
is Born By Itself.

904] Sarvakalodbhavaprita : She Who is the Beloved Who Gives Birth to
All Time.
905] sarvakalodbhavatmika : She Who Has the Capacity of the
Expression of the Soul Which Gives Birth to All Time.

906] Sarvakalodbhava : She Who is the Attitude of All Time.
907] Sarvakalodbhavodbhava : She Who Gives Birth To Time.
908] Kundapuspasadapritih : She Who is the Beloved of All the Flowers
in the Receptacle.

909] Golapuspasadagatih : She Who Always Moves with the Flowers of

910] Kundagolodbhavaprita : She Who is the Beloved of the Light in

911] Kundagolodbhavatmika : She Who has the Capacity of the Soul to
Express the Light in the Receptacle

912] Sukradhara : She Who is the Supporter of Purity.
913] Sukrarupa : She Who is the Form of Purity.
914] Sukrasindhunivasini : She Who Resides Within the Ocean of

915] Sukralaya : She Who has Indestructible Purity.
916] Sukrabhoga : She Who is the Enjoyer of Purity.
917] Sukrapujasadaratih : She Who is Delighted by Worship with

918] Raktasaya : She Who Rests in Passion
919] Rakrabhoga : She Who is the Enjoyer of Passion
920] Rakrapujasadaratih : She Who is Constantly Delighted by Worship
with Passion.

921] Rakrapuja : She Who is Worshipped with Passion.
922] Raktahoma : She Who is Offered Sacrificial Offerings With

923] Raktastha : She Who is Situated in Passion.
924] Raktavatsala : She Who Takes Refuge in Passion.
925] Raktavama : She Who is the Description of Passion.
926] Raktadeha : She Who has the Body of Passion.
927] Raktapujakaputrina : She Who is the Daughter Born From Worship
With Passion.

928] Raktadyuti : She Who is the Dignity of Passion.
929] Raktasprha : She Who is the Touch of Passion.
930] Devi : She Who is the Goddess
931] Raktasundari : She Who is Beautiful Passion.
932] Raktabhidheya : She Who Knows Passion.
933] Raktarha : She Who is Worthy of Passion.
934] Raktakandaravandita : She Who is Celebratted as the Passion of
the God of Love.

935] Maharakta : She Who is Great Passion.
936] Raktabhava : She Who Exists in Passion.
937] Raktasrstividhayini : She Who Gives the Creation of Passion.
938] Raktasnata : She Who Bathes in Passion.
939] Raktasikta : She Who is Soaked in Passion.
940] Raktasevtatiraktini : She Who Becomes Extremely Passionate with
the Selfless Service of Passion.

941] Raktanandakari : She Who Manifests the Bliss of Passion.
942] Raktasadanandavidhayini : She who Always Gives the Bliss of

943] Raktasaya : She Who Rests Within Passion.
944] Raktapurna : She Who gives Full, Complete and Perfect Passion.
945] Raktasevya : She Who is Served by Passion.
946] Manorama : She Who is Beautiful
947] Raktapujakasarvasva : She Who is Worshipped in All With Passion.
948] Raktanindakanasini : She Who Destroys the Criticism of Passion.
949] Raktatmika : She Who is the Soul’s Capacity for the
Expression of Passion.

950] Raktarupa : She Who is a Form of Passion.

951] Raktakarsanakarini : She Who is the Cause of the Attraction of

952] Raktotsaha : She Who is the Enthusiasm of Passion.
953] Raktadhya : She Who Rides Upon Passion.
954] Raktapanaparayana : She Who Drinks With Passion.
955] Sonitanandajanani : She Who is the Mother of the Bliss of the
Female Seed of Life.

956] Kallolasnigdharupini : She Who is the Intrinic Nature of
Attachment to the Family.

957] Sadhakantargata Devi : She Who is the Goddess Who Goes Inside

958] Payini : She Who is Pure Nourishment.
959] Papanasini : She Who is the Destroyer of All Sin ( Confusion )
960] Sadhakanam Sukhakari : She Who is the Giver of Delight to All

961] Sadhakarivininasini : She Who Destroys the Impurity of All

962] Sadhakanam Hrdisthatri : She Who is Situated in the Heart of All

963] Sadhakanandakarini : She Who is the Cause of the Bliss of All

964] Sadhakananca Janani : She Who is the Mother of the Bliss of All

965] Sadhakapriyakarini : She Who is the Cause of the Love of Sadhus.
966] Sadhakapracuranandasampatti Sukhadayini : She Who Gives the
Wealth of Delight and Extreme Bliss to Sadhus.

967] Sukrapujya : She Who is Worshipped by Purity.
968] Sukrahomasantusta : She who is Satisfied with Sacrificial
Offerings of Purity.

969] Sukravatsala : She Who Takes Refuge in Purity.
970] Sukramurtih : She Who is the Image of Purity.
971] Sukradeha : She Who is the Embodiment of Purity.
972] Sukrastha : She Who is Situated in Purity.
973] Sukrapujakaputrini : She Who is the Daughter of Worship with

974] Sukrini : She Who is Supreme Purity.
975] Sukrasamsprha : She Who is the Complete Touch of Purity.
976] Sukrasundari : She Who is the Beauty of Purity.
977] Sukrasnata : She Who is Bathed in Purity
978] Sukrakari : She Who is the Manifestation of Purity.
979] Sukrasevyatisukrini : She Who is the Supreme Purity Served by
the Pure.

980] Mahasukra : She Who is the Great Purity.
981] Sukrabhava : She Who is Pure Existence.
982] Sukravrstividhayini : She Who is the Giver of the Rain of

983] Sukrabhidheya : She Who is the Supreme Wisdom of Purity.
984] Sukrarhasukravandakavandita : The Pure of the Pure Consider Her
as the Worshiped of the Worshipped.

985] Sukranandakari : She who is the Expression of the Bliss of

986] Sukrasadanandavidhayini : She Who Always Gives the Bliss of

987] Sukrotsava : She Who Enjoys the festivals of Purity.
988] Sadasukrapurna : She who Always Manifests Full, Complete and
Perfect Purity.

989] Sukramanorama : She Who is the Beauty of Purity.
990] Sukrapujakasarvasva : She Who is Worshipped As the Pure in All.
991] Sukranindakanasini : She Who is the Destroyer of the Criticism
of Purity.

992] Sukratmika : She Who Has the Capacity of the Soul of Purity.
993] Sukrasampacchukrakarsakarini : She Who is the Cause of
Attraction of the Wealth of Purity.
994] Sarada : She Who is the Giver of All.
995] Sadhakaprana : She Who is the Lifeforce of sadaka.
996] Sadhakasaktamanasa : She Who Disables the Divisive Thoughts of

997] sadhakottamasarvasvasadhika : She Who is the Female Sadaka of all
Excellent Sadaka.

998] Bhaktavatsala : She Who is the Refuge of Devotees.
999] sadhakanandasantosa : She Who is Completely Pleased with Bliss.
1000] Sadhakadhivinasini : She Who is the Destroyer of All Thoughts
of Sadhus.

1001] Atmavidya : She Who is the Knowledge of the Soul.
1002] Brahmavidya : She Who is the Knowledge of Supreme Divinity.
1003] Parabrahmmasvarupini : She Who is the Intrinsic Nature of
Supreme Divinity.

1004] Trikutastha : She Who is Established in Three Places.
1005] Pamcakuta : She Who is Established in Five Places.
1006] Sarvakutasaririni : She Who is the Embodiment of All Places.
1007] Sarvavamayi : She who is the Expression of All That can be

1008] Varnajapamalavidhyini : She Who is the Giver of the Garland of All Expressions Which can be Recited.

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