siva and sakthi


siva and sakthi:- The supreme diety of the thantras is known as sakthi,inseparable from #siva ,sakthi and siva are not two or double stars,but are ultimately one and the same .these are the two modes of the manifestation of the eternal and infinite Brahman,as purusa and prakrti(but not that of sankya)i.e.mother and spirit,whom the thantras describe as siva and sakthi(sir.john woodroof,saktha and sakthi) Tantras hold that siva and sakti are inseparable like heat from fire,whiteness from milk,sweatness from sugar, luminosity from light,and weight from natural is the sakthi in the Thantras which is said to have brought the universe into existence(#mahanirvana thantra.1.16)she governs the universe and overwhelms us with wonder and other word it can be said that sakti denotes Brahman and his divine energy,glorifying the mother aspect of the god. 1,Sakthi is the reverse of the concept of siva who is sthanu,and one respect,it is the concept of divine energy in its static aspect,motionless,inhert,and without agitation; whereas,sakthi is the concept of divine energy in its dynamic aspect.sakthi is the personification of the Divine Energy that has brought the universe into existence;and that preserves it from disruptive forces.In other words sakthi is creative and preservative energy of Brahman.(sakthisangamathantra-kali kandam,). 2.Siva is the emblem of the destructive forces that lie dormant in the universe(mahanirvana thantra,4.10-11) godess sakthi is the fullest conception of Brahman in all its aspects, creator,preserver,and destroyer of the universe (mahanirvana thantra.4.35-34) creation is a mode of divine existence,and Divine energy sustains the universe that binds the atoms.again destruction is also an aspect of Divine energy that goes hand in hand with the creative energy.Thus the creative,preservative and destructive forces are but the three aspects of Divine energy that exists in Brahman.with the three gunas-sattva,rajas and tamas, and it is the personification of creative,preservative,and destructive forces of the universe. Sakthi is also the power of every god like indira,visnu,etc.,in other words,she manifests herself as sakthi,power,force,or energy in everything and in every being.This universe is the manifestation of sakthi.Now this is the concept of the sakthi conceived in the thantras.A sakthi worships Brahman as sakthiman or as He appears through the manifestation of sakthi.(#mahanirvana thantra.4.35-34) Now this is the concept of sakthi concived in the thantras.a sakthi worships Brahman as He appears through the manifestation of His divine energy,conceived in the #tantras as #mahasakthi.God alongwith his Divine energy or attributes (which alone reveal us his existence),conceived as #mahasakthi or the fountain head of all energy,is perhaps the most profound philosophical concept of Brahman,preached in the #Tantras,12767434_993965894000691_1245160780_n

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