Importance of (Agama & Nigama) Tantra in modern life


Importance of Agama&Nigama(Thantra) All those who have not succeeded in their sadhana even though years have elapsed should accept the tantric way of realization. In Kali yuga, when minds are no longer pure, habits have degenerated, passions have burst out, faith in God is just a habit and life has become completely material. it is tantra that is the important way for spiritual aspiring souls of both east and west.( swami satyananda saraswati ) version of vedantha “Brahmam sathyam Jagat MidthyA”This means brahmam is only Truth, Jagat(the world,The whole manifested universe) is midthya(not in reality, only apparently).Mainly, Njana yoga and Vedantha aim directly at Mukthi,Which was appropriate in earlier ages when the mundane world was less demanting.According to Indian tradition each ages has its scripture ,Yugasastra,governing and leading the life of the people in the rightful the satya yuga(krte yuga) Dharma is conceived to be full in stature, in the second yuga it declines by a quarter, in the dvapara bye half and in the last, the kaliyuga, dharma exists only a quarter. According to bagavatha purana and Vishnu purana: in sathya yuga asura and deva are lived in different planes(world).in treta yuga they are lived in same world (Rama and ravana),in third yuga they are lived in same family (krishna and kamsa),now kaliyuga ,asura and deva are living in every human beings mind, lord sivas words in kularnava thantra “KRTE SRUTI YUKTACARAS TRETAYAM SMRITHISAMBHAVAH, DVAPARE TU PURANOKTHAM KALYUAGAMA KEVALAM” According to Thantra this universe is body of our Devi, There is no mukthi(freedom from delusion)without bhukthi(enjoyment).Enjoyment, refers to the acceptance of all phenomena which may occur to an individual ,be they enjoyable or painful.The aspirant relies on the magnanimity of personified as the devatha(nature)to protect and thantra is more practical for attain fourfold aim {Dharma(moral)Artha(economic)and aesthetic(Kama)perfection,as well as of liberation(Moksha) in Today’s world.                                             12735806_993966207333993_1941343210_n

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