Pancha Maha Yajna&household sucsees

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 Yajna, this word come from the root YAJ,is commonly translated “sacrifice”,the word Yaga is also come from same root(yaj).Its vaidik kriya,Yagais the making of offerings to Fire,Which is the carrier thereof to the devatha.( example,Athirathram,somayagam,etc..)  without fire we can also do yajna,     “Great things will come with the Great sacrifices .swami Vivekananda”                 Thus the Five Great sacrifice(yajna) which should be performed daily by the House holder, that’s called “ Pancha Maha Yajna”                                                                                                      The Pancha Maha Yajna are:                                                                                                        1,Deva yajna-  (worship of Devas) In the form of a family deity (Ishta Devatalupasana devata) in the home shrine through prayers and meditations. This practice helps one to become God-conscious in all daily activities. Additionally, this practice arouses a sense of togetherness in the family, since the family members worship together and participate in the rituals, chants, singing, and study of scriptures. Tradition says that “a family that prays together stays together.”                                                                                                   2,Pitr yajna-Takecare our  father and mother,oblations to the Pitr, (worship of ones forefathers)  This practice is intended to serve as a reminder to preserve, enrich and continue one’s cultural heritage and family values.                                                                                                          3,Brahma-yajna/rishi yajna-(worship of knowledge)study of the Sruthi,smriti,puranan.etc…  This practice refreshes one’s mind with sacred knowledge and also helps to preserve and enrich such knowledge.                                                                             4,Bhuta yajna,- (worship of other beings,spirits,etc…) Service to nature. This practice is intended to create the spirit of sharing with others.                                                                                                               5,Manusya yajna-(worship of fellow humans)- service to human,Serve to relatives,friends,and respected persons with love, respect, and reverence, This practice is the basis for the traditional hospitality of Hindu households.

  • Every Family should perform the Pancha Maha Yajna everyday, for household sucsses,12735806_993966207333993_1941343210_n
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